Meet & Teach

Meet and Teach the Danish Youth

Are you interested in meeting Danish high school students? Tornbjerg Gymnasium is looking for international students who would like to present their university subjects and backgrounds to Danish upper secondary students.

We offer you the following:

  • An opportunity to visit a Danish high school and interact with Danish high schools students
  • To meet teachers/members of staff and gain an insight into the Danish educational system at upper secondary level
  • The possibility of communication your special knowledge about your studies and or your particular background i.e. the country and culture you represent
  • The opportunity of teaching/lecturing/experimenting within your field of study in classes relevant for your subject.


Why do we offer you this opportunity?

An international outlook is important to us. We aim at constantly developing an international understanding and awareness among our students and staff. This is where you can contribute.

If you are interested in Meet and Teach contact Anne Bagger Nielsen at